Sunday, 24 June 2012

Reina OPV ~

searching on youtube , and saw a nice and soft feeling Reina opv
Reina is really cute ? So true :]

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

newest H!P ranking ~ post Risa era ~

Haven't tried this for a few years already~ 
Saw one on the internet so i tried it out ~
Reina is always my favorite XD

some of the new members of Smilage and MM ~ i still don't know them well ~ so maybe the ranking after 20 is not that accurate XD



1位   田中れいな 
2位   矢島 舞美 
3位   生田衣梨奈 
4位   鈴木 愛理 
5位   石田亜佑美 
6位   真野恵里菜 
7位   譜久村 聖 
8位   中島 早貴 
9位   萩原 舞  
10位   菅谷梨沙子 
11位   清水 佐紀 
12位   道重さゆみ 
13位   岡井 千聖 
14位   鞘師 里保 
15位   工藤 遥  
16位   飯窪 春菜 
17位   和田 彩花 
18位   福田 花音 
19位   徳永千奈美 
20位   鈴木 香音 
21位   夏焼 雅  
22位   熊井友理奈 
23位   須藤 茉麻 
24位   中西 香菜 
25位   佐藤 優樹 
26位   田村 芽実 
27位   嗣永 桃子 
28位   勝田 里奈 
29位   竹内 朱莉 

website: http://usachan-peace.jpn.org/hello/sort/sort.html

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Girls leaving Musume

Risa is ... always not my favorite. Maybe because my favorite is Reina, and they are always like the two poles in Morning Musume. They don't interact that much, they have different attitude in the group, way different characteristic/ style, they hang out with different group of girls.. and many others.

Fans like to compare them a lot too. Since Reina always get the lines and in the center front , and Risa always in the back supporting the group. Esp Risa's fans will say that Risa has a better voice and she deserves better , and Reina's fan say the opposite.

Not my favorite doesn't mean that i don't like her . I like her!!![She is beautiful and cute ~  XD"] Maybe because she is always the one that supporting the whole group. Therefore, she secretly support every fans' heart in MM. She is just always there.

When Aichan left the group, I feel sad, but not as much as now.
maybe because we finally see the chance of Risa standing and leading in Renai Hunter.
I'm not sure if she would be in the lead spot if she were not going to graduate.
but with this lead , it is really sad to see that ... she is going to leave soon.

This time, the Renai Hunter, really hit my heart so much.
-Risa's graduation
-only Reina , Sayu and Aika left from P9
-the 9th and 10th gen are so fierce ~ i think they can do a good job in the future :)
- Morning Musume's spirit doesn't end.

about the PV~
standard MM PV~
the song helps out a lot this time
Reina is so beautiful!
The dance, those rapid shakes...hmm. but overall good.
The close shots and magazines look really nice.
Risa looks so good here ~ should be a memorable single for her ~

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


- Maybe kind of late for now. Ogawa Saki. I was surprised when the news was out. felt really bad on that day she left since she was my favorite in smileage. and still miss her a lot recently.

-Aichan graduation. The days of her graduating is coming soon. I didn't even try to think about when is she graduating.. since i think i must feel bad not to see her in MM .. maybe feeling worse after she graduated.

- Aika, haven't seen her on shows for a while, which gives me a wrong impression that only 8 members left in MM for now

-10 gen. seen some of the audition clip. since the announcement.. the day that they will join is coming too. It is not even a year since EJL left, and wow.. MM really changed a lot. Esp when Aichan era is going to end soon.

- new single is out ~ new album first press is out of stock already ><'

Friday, 29 July 2011


Seems like there will be an eight "week" rest for Aika.
And she will miss some of the concerts.

Her feet, since she joined MM,seemed to be having problem.
She rarely wore high heels when all the others did. And the fans always discuss on that topic.
Since sometime her shoes look awkward in group photos.

and since a few months ago, it seems that her feet was getting worst.
She sat on a wheelchair or using some sort of stand assists for a while already..

I wonder if she could find a method to heal her feet in one go or in a short period of time.
or else this will really pull her out from a dancing group.

Best luck to her.
and to the 8th gens.